New Rules

At the November meeting two new rules were agreed to. These affect eligability for membership and historic registration.

To summarise the new rules ….

To join the club as a new member a person needs to attend two meetings or events.  To renew their membership members need to have attended 3 events/meetings the previous year. Exemptions are available under certain conditions.

All vehicles eligable for historic registration under the Transport SA regulations will now be given historic registration through the club. (previously only pre 1970 vehicles were accepted)

3 Responses to “New Rules”

  1. Mark Weckert Says:

    Excellent news regarding the change in regulations allowing post 1970 classic cars to be eligible for historic rego! Good to see NARC changing with the times. And on that note; the new website looks fantastic. Top effort!


    As immediate past president of NARC, I would congratulate the committee on the launching of our new web site.This will prove to be a great asset in disseminating and acquiring news and information relative to pursuits and interests of our club.

  3. Geoff Fahlbusch Says:

    The N.A.R.C. Inc., has done something correct, in allowing post 1970 vehicles into the club. I congratulate the members on their decision in changing the Historic Registration to vehicle that are 30 years or older, well done every body – keep up the good work on looking after the older vehicles!